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Play Gameboy Color Games On The Nintendo 3DS

February 12 2014 , Written by GameNerd Published on #Emulators

I see this question a lot.  With all of the backwards compatibility between generations of game systems, it's no surprise that Nintendo 3DS XL games want to know whether or not they can play their gameboy color games on the 3DS.  The original DS and DS Lite could play Gameboy Advance games after all, so why shouldn't the 3DS play gameboy color games.

While there's no official way to play the games, due mainly to the lack of a cartridge slot that would allow for Gameboy cartridges to be inserted in to the 3DS, you can use a third party product like the R4 3DS cards that we've talked about before in this blog to bring a whole big can of retro action to what I consider to be the very best hand held system today - the Nintendo 3DS XL.

Yes, you can play Gameboy Color Games On Your 3DS.

Most people have this notion that you can just drag and drop your Gameboy Color games over to the SD card on the Nintendo 3DS and be up and running.  As I mentioned before, that simply isn't possible.  You can't access games that way, unless they are games from the eShop.

You'll need the R4 3DS card as well as a freeware Gameboy Color Emulator for the 3DS called GameYob.  GameYob, while not the only one, is definitely the very best Gameboy and Gameboy color emulator for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and it even works on the Nintendo 2DS system too. GameYob is the emulator of choice for serious GBC gamers that want to play the games they grew up with on the new 3DS systems.

It's not THE emulator of choice for gameboy color fansfor no reason, right?.  It gets updated regularly with fixes for games that don't work properly, and regularly receives new features to boot..... And ..... it has just recently been updated to the latest version 0.5, with some awesome updates in the form of support for Gameboy Color games being increased as well as a good number of other additions that are more cosmetic and compatibility related.

Playing the games is actually easy.  You just have to copy the emulator over to the R4 3DS via a USB reader / writer that comes with the card, and then add all of the games you want to play as well in to a GAMES folder on the card, and you'll all set.  

If any of you need a step by step tutorial, let me know and I will put one together.

Do you have an R4 3DS card?  Then you're all ready.  Just Download GameYob here and start your retro gaming adventure on your 3DS :)

If you don't have an R4 3DS, then you should get one, if you're in to freeware gaming and retro games!  See my other post on the R4 3ds - What is it, And Why You Need One

gameboy color games

gameboy color games

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