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Posts with #3ds homebrew tag

Aperture Science Portal Remake for 3DS Homebrew Game

October 11 2014 , Written by Admin Published on #3ds homebrew

One of my favorite new homebrew games. It’s a port of Portal - except it’s for your Nintendo 3DS. It's Aperture Science - the amazing Portal remake for the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, and the DSi and DS Lite as well. The gameplay is just like...

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Super Smash Bros. 3DS Homebrew Game

July 2 2014 , Written by GameNoob Published on #3ds homebrew

This is being played on a DS, but with the R4 3DS, it works exactly the same on your Nintendo 3DS card. Super Smash Bros For the 3DS is here - and it's FAN MADE! Wow! 3DS Homebrew Game

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3DS Homebrew

May 10 2013 , Written by R4 3DS Published on #3ds homebrew, #r4 3ds, #nintendo 3ds xl, #video games, #gaming, #nintendo, #r4i 3ds, #3ds roms

Welcome dear reader and fellow gamers to my new 3ds homebrew blog. While the 3ds homebrew scene is still just starting up there are plenty of older homebrew games and apps that you can already pay and enjoy on your. New shiny 3ds or 3ds xl system by way...

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