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Posts with #r4 3ds tag

3DS Hack Without Flashcard

October 20 2014 Published on #r4 3ds

This is probably the most common question I get asked by friends and people I know online. How can you do the 3DS hack without a Flashcard. Can your 3DS really play homebrew games and apps without and R4 3DS card? The quick answer, naturally, is no. But...

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R4 3DS Coupon For 20% OFF

May 4 2014 Published on #r4 3ds

As the warmer days of spring and summer start coming around - so do some of the best deals and coupons on some of our favorite Nintendo 3DS accessories. While we don't normally write about coupons here, some of these were just too good to pass up and...

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R4 3DS - What Is It, And Why You Need One

September 25 2013 , Written by Scotty Published on #r4 3ds, #nintendo 3ds xl

I've received a good number of messages asking just how to play the homebrew games I am reviewing. I didn't realize that I hadn't really covered that properly in any of my posts. Better late than never though! I won't go in to great length in this post,...

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3DS Homebrew Game Mr Robot And His Robot Factory

August 3 2013 Published on #r4 3ds, #nintendo 3ds xl, #freeware, #homebrew

Mr Robot and his robot factory is a remake of the very popular c64 game created by Ron Rosen back in the 1980s. For those of you that haven't ever played this game before, either because the 8-bit era was before your time, or you didn't have a c64 or...

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Play NES On Your 3DS

May 11 2013 Published on #nesds, #nes on 3ds, #r4 3ds, #r4i 3ds, #nes, #nintendo

Yes, you really can play NES games on your Nintendo 3DS. And I am not talking about the virtual console, which has a limited selection of games available. Before I get in to the nitty gritty of it all. I need to point out that you need some additional...

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3DS Homebrew

May 10 2013 , Written by R4 3DS Published on #3ds homebrew, #r4 3ds, #nintendo 3ds xl, #video games, #gaming, #nintendo, #r4i 3ds, #3ds roms

Welcome dear reader and fellow gamers to my new 3ds homebrew blog. While the 3ds homebrew scene is still just starting up there are plenty of older homebrew games and apps that you can already pay and enjoy on your. New shiny 3ds or 3ds xl system by way...

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