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3DS Hack Without Flashcard

October 20 2014 Published on #r4 3ds

3DS Hack Without Flashcard

This is probably the most common question I get asked by friends and people I know online. How can you do the 3DS hack without a Flashcard. Can your 3DS really play homebrew games and apps without and R4 3DS card? The quick answer, naturally, is no. But there are dozens of ways you can do it, with just a little help from cards like the R4 3DS or the Supercard DSTwo... And for less then $20.00 too.

There may be a lot of sites out there claiming something different, but the only thing that's different about these sites is the fact that you have go through some paid survey in order to get some fake files that you can download and "use" to play 3DS homebrew and for the hack with a flasdcard.

While some sites will try to tell you about some SD card hack that brings the homebrew channel to your 3DS or 3DS XL. I can assure you that whatever they're telling you (and selling in disguise really) won't work at all. There's no such thing as a 3DS homebrew channel, and you definitely can't run any type of 3DS homebrew games or apps without a 3DS Flashcard in any way, shape, or form.

The good news though is that you can definitely get homebrew running on your 3DS and 3DS XL system. Even on the new Nintendo 2DS and that brand new 3DS that is meant to be faster and is already out in Japan. Which means, we're not completely out of luck at all. And you do it with one of the cards I mentioned earlier in this post. I covered the R4 3DS and Why you need one in a previous post, and I did so because my blog is all about freeware and homebrew games for the Nintendo 3DS system.

While freeware and homebrew is a daily and regular thing on a PC or a MAC computer, it's almost unheard of on a 3DS console because it's a proprietary system that doesn't natively allow running code / apps / games that don't come from Nintendo. And despite what anyone says, it is very possible and can be done, but you need a couple of things in order to make it happen.

Here's what you need to do a 3DS Hack:

1. And R4 3DS card - this is a homebrew card that uses micro SD cards to load and play homebrew games and other applications that are made and released for free for the Nintendo 3DS

2. A micro SD card. I know I said it above, but a lot of people don't realize that you actually need a micro SD card in order to store you files on. While cards like the R4 3DS will let you play freeware and 3DS homebrew, they can't do it without an micro SD card at all. You need to have a memory card in order for it to work.

3. Sites like NDSHB.com or Gamebrew.org where you can download 3DS homebrew games and applications, and of course, DS and DSI games and applications, as all of them will work on the Nintendo 3DS and an R4 3DS card.

3DS Hack

3DS Hack

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R4 3DS Coupon For 20% OFF

May 4 2014 Published on #r4 3ds

R4 3DS Coupon For 20% OFF

As the warmer days of spring and summer start coming around - so do some of the best deals and coupons on some of our favorite Nintendo 3DS accessories. While we don't normally write about coupons here, some of these were just too good to pass up and we want all of our readers to have a chance to save some hard earned money when they're looking for cool gadgets and add ons for their 3DS or 3DS XL systems.

The R4 3DS Team at www.r43ds.org have a massive promotion going on for the next few days. They are offering 20% OFF on all of their R4 3DS and R4i Gold 3DS cards for a limited time.

Most of the stores that sell R4 3DS cards often offer up coupons, but in all honesty, when they put a giant "SAVE 4% TODAY" notice up, it's almost a bit of a mystery to me as to why they even bother with putting a 4% OFF coupon online. Why make someone enter in a code to save $0.82 cents on an order???

That's precisely why I don't normally post any coupons here... there's virtually no point. But when you're talking 20% OFF of a $20.00 item, well, that's quite a bit more than $0.82 cents. In fact, that's a whooping $4.00 off an already inexpensive - but MUST HAVE - accessory for your Nintendo 3DS system.

That's why I decided to post it, so that all of the visitors to our blog can save. And when you double down on this coupon and buy 2 of the R4 3DS cards, the r4 team will send you a 3rd card completely free - and then we're REALLY talking a HUGE savings. Not something any other store that sells these items ever offers.

Go, hurry up and get one if you don't already. And start enjoying all of the great homebrew games and apps already available for the Nintendo 3DS system.

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R4 3DS - What Is It, And Why You Need One

September 25 2013 , Written by Scotty Published on #r4 3ds, #nintendo 3ds xl

I've received a good number of messages asking just how to play the homebrew games Ir4 3ds am reviewing. I didn't realize that I hadn't really covered that properly in any of my posts. Better late than never though! I won't go in to great length in this post, but I will try to give you a general idea of what the r4 3ds card is, where to buy it and know you're getting the genuine cards.

I know there are lots of different stores from China where you can buy an R4 3DS card, and it's great that these places are cheap.. sometimes too good to be true cheap. But the problem is you're getting product that is not official, and more often than not, is a clone of a card or a cheap knock off instead of the real deal. Now I don't know about you, but for me, spending an extra $7 or $8 is more than worth it to know that I am getting a real product that actually works, and that will be supported with firmware updates down the road.  

This is something that many of these china stores simply can't offer. While they're busy selling copy r4 3ds cards at about $10.00 - $14.00 each, the real cards actually only cost between $18 and $22 depending on the features that you want, which is what I will stick with.  I have several friends that went the way of the clone, and ended up with paper weights now that new updates have come out for the DSi and the 3DS.

I've always done what I could to seek out the official manufacturers or the actual official stores when it comes to these types of products.  It's the only sure fire way to know that what I am getting is the real deal.  In this case, I bought - and sent friends / family to buy - from the official r4 3ds store at www.r43ds.org  I am not suggesting that you, my readers, have to buy from there.  Just letting you know that it's the actual official store for 4 different r4 3ds cards, and that I myself have used them for my R4 3DS cards.  I get most of my games from ndshb.com

Okay.. So what is this R4 3DS card.  You can think of it as a memory card adapter.  It looks just like a regular DS / 3DS game cartridge, except it has a micro sd memory card slot on the top of the card, where you can plug in memory cards that range in storage from 2 Gigabyte cards up to 32 Gigabyte cards.  The bigger the memory on the card, the more files you can fit on it - and the more apps and games you'll be able to load up from your Nintendo 3DS.

It's also a multi-media card.  I say that because it doesn't just let you play games and applications, it also lets you watch movies on your DS, DSi or 3DS system.  If you have MP3's, you can use the r4 to listen to your music on your game system too.  It has way to many features to list here to be honest, so I'll put them in point form below:

The R4 3DS lets You:

  • Play games and applications that you download from the internet on your Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS
  • watch movies on your consoles
  • listen to all of your mp3 files and turns your 3ds in to a portable mp3 player
  • play homebrew games / apps
  • use emulators for old console systems and even computer systems
  • and a bunch of other cool features :)


All of the games and apps I review and will review, I load and play with my R4 3DS.  It's the only way to play homebrew games on the 3DS and 3DS XL systems, as well as to use emulators on the Nintendo 3DS.   I will probaly not always say exactly to use R4 3DS, because I assume people know about it.  If any of you feel like I need to explain things a bit more, please don't hesitate to drop a comment, and I will make sure I do explain in more detail.


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3DS Homebrew Game Mr Robot And His Robot Factory

August 3 2013 Published on #r4 3ds, #nintendo 3ds xl, #freeware, #homebrew

3DS Homebrew Game Mr Robot And His Robot Factory

Mr Robot and his robot factory is a remake of the very popular c64 game created by Ron Rosen back in the 1980s.

For those of you that haven't ever played this game before, either because the 8-bit era was before your time, or you didn't have a c64 or Atari computer, here's a quick synopsis. It's a single player platform style game that came out for multiple systems. C64 being the most popular, but it was also available for the Atari 8-bit as well as the Apple II computers.

The game centres around Mr. Robot, a humanoid robot that must works his way through the factory. However, the factory is filled with conveyor belts, ladders, suspended platforms, and various other obstacles that Mr. Robot has to get through in order to come out on the other side. You have 4 lives, and once they're gone, the game is over.

You'll have to collect rings or small musical notes, throw a fireball for a bucket load of points, etc.. You start out every level with a base 100 units of energy which can get depleted pretty quickly, considering it goes down by a rate of about 1 unit per second. This is what made the game so much fun. While the levels may seem easy, they become infinitely harder once you realize you have a time limit.

The game controls are pretty simple, and you can see them below:

On the menu:

A: Play.
B: Editor.
X: Ratings.

In the editor:

Stylus: Full control of the publisher.
A: Delete.
In the game:
Dpad: Move.
A: Jump.
Start: Pause.

Download the game from the 3ds homebrew section

Here's the actual gameplay of Mr Robot And His Robot Factory for the DS. It works the same on the Nintendo 3DS as well.

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Play NES On Your 3DS

May 11 2013 Published on #nesds, #nes on 3ds, #r4 3ds, #r4i 3ds, #nes, #nintendo

Yes, you really can play NES games on your Nintendo 3DS. And I am not talking about the virtual console, which has a limited selection of games available.

Before I get in to the nitty gritty of it all. I need to point out that you need some additional hardware in order to use this emulator. It costs about $20.00 with shipping, and it will let you run NesDS as well as countless other homebrew games and applications. It's the R4 3DS that I talked about in my last post. You can find out more at the official r4 store about the cards, and I'll post some info and FAQ posts about them as well, since I've been using one since my first Nintendo DS console.

Now, other than the r4 3ds, you'll also need to download the nesDS emulator from the sourceforge page for it. It's actually really easy to set it up and start using it.

You'll want to copy over the nesDS.nds file to the micro SD card that you're using for your R4. Once you have it copied over, it's just a matter of getting some of the NES roms you want to actually load and play on your 3DS system. Places like coolroms.com and various other rom web sites that preserve these old games in ROM format will have pretty much anything you could possibly want to play.

I recommend setting up the micro sd card with a folder calles NES, so that you can copy all of the NES games you have right in to that folder, and not have to mess around with hunting each and every game down on your micro SD card. I tend to do this for all of my games / emulator files anyway. This way I know exactly where to look when I want to load a game up.

NesDS on the Nintendo DSi XL - Works The Same On The Nintendo 3DS XL

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3DS Homebrew

May 10 2013 , Written by R4 3DS Published on #3ds homebrew, #r4 3ds, #nintendo 3ds xl, #video games, #gaming, #nintendo, #r4i 3ds, #3ds roms

3DS Homebrew

Welcome dear reader and fellow gamers to my new 3ds homebrew blog. While the 3ds homebrew scene is still just starting up there are plenty of older homebrew games and apps that you can already pay and enjoy on your. New shiny 3ds or 3ds xl system by way of the r4 3ds flash cards available out there.

My ultimate goal with the anew log is to have some reviews, pictures, videos, and of course, free downloads, of all of the very best homebrew games and applications that I have come across for my Nintendo 3DS system, I just upgraded to my new 3DS XL and it has inspired me to once again revisit and play some great games that you can download for free poor this amazing hand held game system.

I've been a huge fan of hand held consoles since my very first game and watch LCD games. When the original gameboy was released, I begged my parents to get me one for my birthday, and thankfully they did. Since my first Gameboy, I've owned every single hand held Nintendo console available. I still actually have all of them. Some of the modified with backlights, better buttons, etc... I mostly use my Nintendo 3DS XL these days, and I love nothing more than hunting down and finding some of the best freeware homebrew games out there for the Nintendo 3DS.

There's remakes of old classic games like Manic Miner, Cannon Fodder, and countless others, as well as new games and applications developed for the homebrew scene. One of apps that first came out for the DS has actually become the best selling paint / sketch app on the iphone and ipad... You may have heard for ColorsDS!, which is now Colors and ColorsHD for the iPad. It really did start as a freeware app for the Nintendo DS console. I wouldn't be surprised if down the road we'll find even more of them.

The thing with the Nintendo 3DS XL (and the DS and DSI too) is that you need an adapter card to be able to actually load and play the homebrew software out there. I use the R4 3DS Card for this, but there are several other types (or brands) of flash carts / homebrew carts for the 3DS system. I'll likely post some pictures, and some videos of my R4 playing some great homebrew, so keep checking back here as often as possible... I would strongly urge you to bookmark the page :)

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